Royal Palm Beach, FL    (646) 592-0782
 I recognized the need for personalized yoga sessions after being disappointed too many times with traditional group exercise schedules and class offerings. All the great classes that I wanted to take were offered during times I was either working my day job, or taking care of my kids. There is also a sense of social pressure to “fit-in” among the other participants in a commercial gym setting, as we tend to judge ourselves and compare ourselves to others. Caribbean Karma removes the stress of a large-group setting and promotes autonomy for all participants.  Busy individuals love these services because they can schedule a time that’s convenient for them.  Participants of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome.  The Yoga Den’s private space is small, but uniquely nestled in a beautifully secluded neighborhood surrounded by towering pine trees and native Florida plant life that creates an atmosphere of being away on a retreat.



  • Private Yoga Sessions 60 min.
  • Guided Meditation & Relaxation 35 min.
  • Pre/Postnatal Fitness & Yoga
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