“Stephanie is a terrific yoga instructor. I took her yoga class at the New York Sports Club in Forest Hills, New York for approximately two years and I loved every minute of it. Stephanie is a thoughtful, knowledgeable instructor who consistently brought new poses and new ideas to each class. She seamlessly led us into our poses so that there was never any confusion as to where we needed to be. Stephanie always demonstrated each pose, gave us very helpful modifications, and played soft music to relax us. She inspired me to continue my yoga practice, as her obvious love of yoga is infectious. She always came into the studio with a friendly smile and always seemed happy and excited to be there. I looked forward to taking her class because I knew that I was in for a treat and she would end each class with a motivational quote, which was lovely. I have been practicing yoga for many years and I have to say that Stephanie is the best instructor I have taken. I recommend her highly.”

– Miriam, NYC

“Stephanie is one of my favorite Barre teachers because she takes time to modify techniques for injury prone areas and correct for proper form too.  What impressed me most was she understood why my quadriceps kept cramping, a long-term problem I endured, and was able to teach me a technique to solve it.  Stephanie is an excellent teacher.  Try out one of her classes and you’ll see!”

– Linda, FL